Comprehensive Brand Analysis

The purpose of this offering is to assess the status and outlook for all things related to your brand, then to make recommendations on how your brand might increase influence and grow your existing following. 

This comprehensive review will give you an expert perspective on what’s working and an honest opinion of what isn’t working. In addition to identifying these issues, this analysis will give next-step suggestions for how to maintain, improve, or fix each one.

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Ongoing Consulting

Identifying obstacles is a great place to start, but what happens next? An ongoing consulting arrangement allows you to continue working on what you do best, while also carving out dedicated time every month to implement new solutions and actually make progress in growing your brand. This service has a minimum term of 3-months.

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Strategy Session

A 1-hour in person, phone, or video conference meeting where any issues you are facing in your business building can be discussed. A strategic plan for how those issues can be addressed will be created and emailed to you after the meeting.

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